Well-coordinated teamwork speaks About Us

We Love What We Do.

TiydoShop is committed to providing the best product and services. And that’s why We Love What We Do.

Our Working Process

We believe in teamwork. Although TiydoShop is a small brand, we have multiple departments to provide the service and products. You can find more on our blog.

Tiydo Is Our Dream

The Story Behind TiydoShop

Md Mahafujer Rahman founded TiydoShop in 2021.

In 2016, When I was just 14, I made a dream. And that was to run an online shop. But how I didn’t know! I did some research to figure out the steep which I need. And then I got a lead to start. In that way, I begin to learn how to make a website! It takes a long time. And after more than a year, I realize what I’ll sell!
As always, I researched again and decided to bug some products in hole sell and sell them in my shop! But in 2017, I realized again that if I did that, I’d have to consider the quality! And also, that can’t be my brand! After that, I decided to make the best brand for the people on my own!
After doing some hard-working, In December 2021, I fixed my brand name, made my brand logo, and bought a domain.
But I still had some doubts about the quality and service! Thousand and thousand hours later, Tiydo is ready to give you our service!
I believe together we can make Tiydo bigger than I thought! I promise you’re gonna love Tiydo products, love Tiydo!
Be the change to make the change.

TiydoShop — Shop With Infinity Happiness!

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